Opti-Lube XL (Xtreme Lubricant)

  • $ 3725

As diesel fuel is further refined to remove the polluting sulfur, it is inadvertently stripped of its lubricating properties. This vital lubrication is a necessary component of the diesel fuel as it prevents wear in the fuel delivery system. Specifically, it lubricates pumps, high pressure pumps and injectors. ULSD fuel is considered to be very “dry” and incapable of lubricating vital fuel delivery components. As a result, these components are at risk of premature and even catastrophic failure when ULSD fuel is introduced to the system. As a result, all oil companies producing ULSD fuel must replace the lost lubricity with some limited additives. These limited additives are not enough to fully lubricate diesel fuel system components. Adding Opti-Lube XL to your diesel fuel will not only replenish the necessary lubricant needed, it will also fight fuel system deposits, reduce emissions and fight corrosion. Opti-Lube XL has also proven to improve fuel mileage when used regularly with fill ups.

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    XL Blend Treatment Rates

    Normal Lubrication Rate: 1 to 1280 (1 ounce per 10 gallons of fuel)
    Xtreme Lubrication Rate rate: 1 to 512 (1 ounce per 4 gallons of fuel)
    1 4oz bottle treats 16 - 40 gallons of diesel fuel
    1 8oz bottle treats 24 - 80 gallons of diesel fuel
    1 quart treats 128 - 320 gallons of diesel fuel
    1 gallon treats 512 - 1,280 gallons of diesel fuel
    5 gallon pail treats 2,560 - 6,400 gallons of diesel fuel
    55 gallon drum treats 28,160 - 70,400 gallons of diesel fuel